After Life

by Celestial Cell




“This is a record about the philosophy of life after death. This whole record is a representation on ones journey to the unknown dimensions that may be hold us. Through this time the character has time to reflect on the rest of his life as if like you and I or anyone else would in this experience. We find our selves asking the questions when we look back such as “Can I start again?” “What could I have done differently?” & “Why am I here?” of course there are more depth to these emotional feelings present in the songs the record contain”
GENRE: Post-Hardcore/Grunge/Alternative Rock
INSPIRATIONS: Hell Is For Heroes, Biffy Clyro, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, My Vitriol, The Xcerts, Muse, Basement.


released January 4, 2014

Fraz Chalmers - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar.
Matt Ekins - Piano, Synths, Bass.
Kit Warren - Drums
Joseph Dixon - Production
Jamie Donnelly - Mixing & Mastering
Artwork - Jason Marsden



all rights reserved


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Celestial Cell Manchester, UK

Celestial Cell are a 4 piece band that sound like a mixture of alternative rock/grunge/post-hardcore. The band who all currently live in Manchester/Salford area which has been going since 2011. In 2012 CC released the 'Platform' EP. In 2013 CC began working on there next LP 'After-Life' which was released at the beginning of the year and is available now. ... more

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Track Name: Fallout
Dusk settles, light is fading,
Mushroom clouds appearing,
Pigments and dust settling,
Fallout and radiating.

Decadent cells dissolving,
Skin burns turns scaly,
Immune systems separating,
Internal systems fading.
Track Name: Reborn
Back to the memories,
To the very first day,
Was a rainy day 30-10-90.
Journey to the reborn,
Where my head re-launced.
So look through the reflection clearly,
Potentially see more,
But for sense there's no more,
The fear creeps in slowly,
Take all the chances,
I'm definitely up for this,
Rewind into the abyss.

'Cause I wanna start again,
So I can be the better man,
Promise I'm not gonna leave a stone unturned.
So I'm soaked from the rain,
All I can picture are brighter days,
I'm not gonna suffer another broken heart…

Suspense is killing me,
To pick my enemies clearly,
Show them how it would go differently,
'Cause now i'm not afraid,
Gonna make you're life a shame,
I won't even be given the blame,
It's a test of the game,
To complete it now awaits me,
The suspense is still killing me,
It's making nothing,
So wield my shotgun,
And smash me into oblivion.
Track Name: Rush Hour
I flicked through you’re rear view
But did you see me walking
You was washed up in a sea of red lights where life is moving along,
Takes me ages to get back home,
I can feel the pain upholding,
take me where I need to go.
Slight detour because I am now withdrawing
package of the man,
journey it took was so tragic so
Takes me ages to get back home,
I can feel my heart restoring

Back to where I go
There’s know where like home
Safest place I know
When there’s know where else to go.

As we climb to great heights
We write our lines
We live the same lives
Romance through the night
We’ll stand the test of time
We live the same lives

Are we really different?

We feel so judgemental when we see others us around oh…
I’m actually reasonable you might like if you got to know my soul
Does it take you ages trust someone?
I can feel like I can get to know you
See was that really hard?
Strangers can’t all be dark
Inside we all have hearts
So why would this feel wrong?

Can’t you see me making progress,
Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed
Appears this blossom from out of no where
Who could imagine we finally got their

Just because we don’t have enough,
Doesn’t mean we can’t go far above,
And brush off the dust,
So if this is works out between me and you,
I’ll still always believe it will be true
So whatever comes between us,
I’ll still love you.
Track Name: Soon
Once more 3 floors,
Second time here no need to ask more.
5 months too late,
Weak at the knees so don’t hesitate.
I know I’m to late,
Gonna print my mark deep within the crate.
I know I’m to late,
So please come…


First discovered I was the one,
2nd year passed and I had to move.
I wrote a message, for the stars,
5th year gone and months flied by.
I keep on looking up at the sky,
For that sign,
Long for day when it arrives,
So please come…


Simplify, energise, realise, reignite, your life..

Since I’m anointed and my strength is exploited,
The guides have taken me to a secret place.
Post evolution, the movement into the revelation,
And were just on the brink, the front of existence.
Crossing over into a different dimension we know we won’t return but time will stand still, and it always, it always will….


Switch your mind too overlay,
Outer life just seems so bliss.
Just let our souls commence their glory,
And I always be their waiting for you.
Track Name: Mercury Burning
These prophets here leak of kerosene,
Their fate is buried in chlorine,
And as far as the eyes could see,
skylines melting like mercury.

The beating core waits so long,
It rages deep within their hearts.
The reflection tells a story between the lines.
And so it does straight through there eyes.

These are the answers to our lives,
When everyone got it wrong so many times,
Solar wind takes them everywhere,
They convert those who believe the truth that was said…

But only one are 2 are worthy of being accepted into the realm.
Then from the unknown to a un-seen lake-side.

If they can show you how to make your own world,
Would you ever consider living there?
Is the transition just to strong?
Is it selfish to turn your back on a world that went?
Track Name: Memories
Flicking through pictures from them sunny days,
Looking back and wonderin why things have changed.
The hint of a smell takes you back far away,
But the look of the display gets darker and suddenly fades.

You want to find out why your trapped in a faze,
Your stilling holding on decade after decade.

Your memories are not able to save you,
Your memories are the person that made you,
When your memories are starting to leave you too,
Your memories will be the death of you.

Flick to a funny sequence of events,
The nature of the process that later progressed.
It was the reality of not altering out all the mess,
To find that leaver in life you once possessed.

The digits count down and time runs out,
You loose your grip your hand slips life the figure’s glitches
Track Name: Simpler Ways
I know that I’m strong,
I know when I’m in the wrong,
I need a change,
When feelings are getting strange.

I’ll stand by an alter, and I’ll become bolder or wait.

Within my heart,
There’s a soul running far,
Its making its way,
Through the ash fields of decay,

I’ll stand by an alter, and I’ll become bolder, or wait.

Simpler ways, you know it hurts to be the same.
Still how I wanted was cause that I needed you but you know I can’t go that far.
Simpler ways, you know you don’t have to be afraid
To prove that I wanted you, I had to be with you.
But I can’t just go that far.

If we arrange,
Who we love and who we hate,
Should we blame,
Or go ahead and move away.

I’ll stand by an alter,
Might become bolder and stay.

Simpler ways
It takes some dignity to break

Its not about what is or what is wrong
It’s about following the voice in your heart
From the world where we need space
Sometimes We just gotta wonder on over to a different place.
Track Name: Red Mist
When the wind blows in and I look in the sky,
Something in the reflection, telling me things are not going right.
Made a mistake of remembering events over time,
It's like there here with me, following me around holding me tight.

But I'm ok, but to bitter not care.
Because success is hard to get.
So go on...Waste my life, I will carry on.
It's the stress that keeps me their, i'll cope.

Acquaintances, ignorance tragically derailed to waste.
Shame on them for parting ways with the ironic cleshays.
Made the mistake of looking down at there own foot prints,
Hit and miss whether you're crew can withstand to take the risks.

I wanna be brave and fierce,
Around to for fill this years,
I wanna feel so young,
It's make or break can't hide,
Get rich, or hold my head up high,
I wanna feel like I can fly,
Is it not worth a try?

But i'm ok, even if the red mist descends me on me,
Is eternal life easy to believe?
So go..On erase my life, I will carry on,
It's the betrayal that feels so wrong.
So you could take me on,
So you made me strong,
I'm not the only one,
I wanna feel so young,
See i'll repent my sins,
Live out in the wildness,
It's accomplishment,
Written on a lonely rock.